Craft Space Picture Tour

Hi all.

Today I thought I'd share my craft space tour. I would have done a video, but I don't often get a chance to do one without being interrupted and honestly I don't really have much time to film a long video, so I thought I'd do a picture tour instead. :)

I will do a list at the end of the post of all the products I use for storage etc and where I've purchased them so you guys know.

Okay so this is my craft space. It's the corner of our lounge room in our extremely small house. Before I used to have my space in my own bedroom and then we moved and I was lucky enough to have a space in the lounge room, it's a tight fit and it's not as organised as I would like, but its organised the best it can be and it works for me. My space is approx 2.5m x 2.5m I would assume. Basically everything I use is here, except for spare card stock & my silhouette, which is kept in my room.

Okay so this is my desk. It's by IKEA. So on my desk I have my big shot, a container by IKEA for my recently made cards & pre made card bases. I then have 3 ink carousels. They are made by All Ready Memories - they are honestly amazing. They're located in America and they cost a bundle to send to Australia - but they're so worth it. I love them. Okay, so on top I have a basket, that has pre made items that I've done and never used on a card so I keep them there. Then on the next one I have the big scotch roll of foam tape - I got mine at Simon Says Stamp. I then have my tripod made by YellowStone. On top of my third ink carousel I have a box by IKEA which holds all my enamel dots and an ink blending tool and the lid that goes with that container with my powder bag & sticky notes inside. Next to that I have my Zap! Heat Tool by American Crafts and my Brother sewing machine - that I barely know how to use so I'm determined to learn how to use it, thats why it's out on my desk.

Here is a close up of my ink carousels. Honestly they are amazing. When I bought them, I had my doubts.. I wasn't sure if they would spin well enough or how well they would hold my inks, but really I would recommend them to anyone - the only problem for me is that they don't hold the Mama Elephant Pigment Inks, but oh well. They are still fantastic.

aaand here is a close up of my sewing machine. Which one day I will learn to properly use. :p

Okay so these pieces are on top of my IKEA Alex Drawer Unit. This Copic unit, my dad made for me - it's amazing and holds my Copics well and I still have room to grow.  This unit also holds my Copic Reinkers, Fiskars Scissors Sharpener, Scotch Sticky Tape, Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher and Inkadinkado Stamp Positioner. Also on top here I have both my Fiskars Trimmers, power plugs and on top of the copic unit I have my buttons and a light.

These are my buttons, sorted into colours - sort of and the jars are by IKEA.

This is one of my IKEA Alex drawer unit draws. This top draw holds adhesive, pens and scissors. They are all divided by containers I bought at Coles -Australian supermarket and Red dot.

In the others draws I have my dimentional adhesive, acrylic blocks and baby wipes in one draw. The next I have embellishments, in my little containers I bought from Rave and other bigger embellishments. In the next I have other inks - like my few Stampin' Up ones and Mama Elephant ones - that don't fit in my carousels and also my embossing powders. In the last drawer I have spare adhesives, blades, tape etc.

Okay so this is the top of my 2x4 Expedit by IKEA. On top I keep mostly Wood Block Stamps.

Okay, so this is half of my Expedit. On the left, I keep all my card stock - will explain in a close up photo below. Next to that I have my ink swatch book - the same as Jennifer McGuire came up with. I then have a cane basket I bought at Target, it came in a set of 3 - this holds my 6" x 12" stickers, October Afternoon buttons and pouches from Freckled Fawn kits. Then next to that I have a tray from IKEA - that I sometimes use for Project Life stuff or projects I'm working on and I want all the supplies stayed together.

Then on the next two shelves I have containers I bought from IKEA that store my stamps and dies. I have the same system as Jennifer McGuire - she's like the organisational queen. Her tips and ways of storage are super helpful. Anyway, so I use Avery Elle Storage pockets - I get them from Simon Says Stamp and I use plastic folders from Officeworks and just cut them up for dividers.

Okay next half. On the left hand side I have 6x6 paper pads - stored in 7x7 clear bags I bought at Simon Says Stamp. I also store my embossing folders in here too, since they fit well. Next to that I have more stamps, stored the same way I mentioned before. Down the bottom of my Expedit I have stamps again stored the same way and in the last slot I just keep lots random things, that don't really have they're own storage spot. Here I have sequins stored in the CraftMates containers, a PL album with spare pages in it, American Crafts punches, 12x12 collection packs, my 12x12 sticker sheets, etc.

Here is a close up of my storage for stamps. I use Avery Elle Stamp Storage Pockets, put a piece of white card stock inside and slip my stamp inside. I ditch the packaging, because otherwise I personally think it looks messy I then label the pocket with the company / stamp set name. I use an Epson LW-400 label maker. I really really like this system, I honestly believe I use my stamps SO much more now, I also like the more 'uniform' look this storage way gives.

Okay and like I mentioned before I would show how I store my card stock. I buy the 9" x 12" clear bags from Simon Says Stamp, I chop off the zip lock part at the top of the bag & then its all good to go. I again use my Epson LW-400 label maker to mark the company / colour of car stock and store all them in magazine files I bought from Smiggle - an stationary store here in Australia. I picked them up on sale for cheap and they're white which is what I wanted - I also lay them down for easier access.

Okay so this unit sits behind me when I'm at my desk. The unit is from Kmart here in Australia. Basically two of the draws are just storage right now I suppose when I get a bigger stash - I'll use them. As for the other two draws, one holds all my punches and the other holds pre made cards by Hero Arts and my spare pockets for my stamp storage and for my stencils storage. Also in that drawer has my envelopes.

As for the top of my unit I have another 2 carousels. Once holds more inks and the other holds my distress inks w/ my ink blending tools. All I did was use a 0.5" circle punch to punch the velcro to make the circles (If anyone is gonna do this - don't. I broke my punch doing this, wasn't the best idea. Next time I'll just be paitent and go out and buy the small velcro dots instead..) Anyway, so I put the rough piece on back of the carousel and the soft bit on the top of my ink blending tool. It works and holds pretty well and I like having a blending tool for almost each colour - one day I'll get more so that I have one for every colour.

On top of my carousels I have bowls from Woolworths - an Australian Supermarket and the glass candle holder is from IKEA. This is where I store my flair, resin flowers and die cuts. Same with the bowls on the other carousel.

Ah, my RASKOG cart by IKEA. Honestly love this thing. Bought when I first started crafting and loved it so much, I had to buy a 2nd. Okay, so this one basically holds all sorta mixed media items.. um I basically have jars, that I've just taken the lids off and it stores my memento markers, distress markers, paint brushes, palette knives, gamsol + tools, water jar and then another tub from IKEA with my stencils and embossing paste. I store my stencils in 7x7 clear bags from Simon Says Stamp, I chop off the zip lock part, back the pocket with white card stock, add an label and I'm good to go.

The 2nd shelf holds my We R Memory Keepers punch boards, another tub by IKEA which holds distress paints, stains, glitters, gelatos etc.

On the bottom shelf, which I didn't photograph just holds twine and baby wipes in more IKEA containers.

So this is my 2nd cart, basically just holds all PL stuff.  On top there are small embellishments and PL cards in containers by IKEA and then my last freckled fawn kit is in another bowl - which I got with a gift.

Second shelf has my washi tape in yet another container by IKEA, date stamps, thin washi etc.

 Okay last shelf. This basically holds all my bigger embellishments packs for project life. In the other container I have a big stamp from pebbles, 4x6 cards and some PL stamps.

So this is my craft space. There are a few places I'm missing, but thats because I couldn't get good enough photos of the places, but basically this is 90% of my craft space. I hope you enjoyed looking and got some ideas. One day I may do a video.

Supplies will be listed below. Items may not be exactly what I own - but I'm trying to find close matches.

Thanks for looking!
- Eloise

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  1. Wow you have a log of cool stuff to do DIYs. Make sure you also have Tesa Philippines as your adhesive.