Craft Space Tour 2018 (Video)

Hi crafty friends, today I finally have my updated craft space tour for you all. It's taken me 6 months, but I'm finally here with how I can enjoy my space the best. This will likely change in a few months since I'll be having family move out and there will be more space and I won't have to share my crafty space with my bedroom, but as it is - this is the way I have my room organised and I love it.

I'm going to try my best to share with you all how I organise everything, but just be aware, unlike before my crafty space is a working area for me now, it's no longer just a hobby which means as much as I love to have everything organised, I just don't have as much time for that anymore, so things aren't always necessarily going to be pretty and some things are messy but it's real, this is how I work in this room everyday and it's works perfectly for me. 

So anyway, having said all this, there will be a much as possible detailed list below of all the products that make up my room, obviously some things I picked up overseas and some things are discontinued and things but I've linked to as many things as possible! 

Below is a video (sorry that it's a little shaky) of an in-depth tour. 

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed having a little look around at where I work and were hopefully inspired!

- Eloise

A list of supplies that make up my room are down below. I'm not affiliated with any of these companies below, it's more to just link you too the things I use! 


  1. A great tour Eloise. It's always fun to see someone else's craft space. It's also surprising how much we can get into a small space but when you are organized it works. It looks great.

    1. So right Teresa! I still can't believe I could combine two rooms, but here we are. I'm glad you enjoyed! :)

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